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Patching And Replacing Your Roof

The cost of putting on a new roof can be quite expensive. It can cost 10s of thousands of dollars, depending upon the size of your house. It can be just as pricey if you are fixing your roofing, or replacing it, depending upon exactly what needs to be done. Simple repairs can be really cost effective, especially if it is only one or more little areas. However, if this is happening multiple times, and the expenses are starting to add up, you may want to think about replacing your roof.

Let’s review the costs that you might incur for roof repair tasks, covering your roof, and replacing one. Umbrella Construction Roofing Contractors of McKinney TX will provide the very best quotes for repair expenses.


How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Roofing system?

The expense of replacing a roofing system, as mentioned before, can be quite costly. If this is going to be the better option, you should call around a few reputable roofing companies and get some quotes. This is what you should have them do if they just discover a couple of locations that can be repaired relatively inexpensively. It will most likely only cost you a few hundred dollars, making patching your roofing system among the more budget-friendly ways to prevent leaks from happening later on.


How much Does It Cost To Replace A Roofing?

When you replace a roof, you are basically getting a new roof.

  • The existing roofing will have to be removed.
  • You will have to pay for its removal
  • Patching up any plywood on top that is damaged or rotted
  • The removal of this old material.
  • Adding new flashing, roofing material, gutters etc


If you are just putting on a brand-new roofing system over the existing one, you’ll be able to save on labor and material costs. However, Umbrella Construction highly recommends that you replace the roof rather than add an additional layer over the existing roof.


When you are working with a roofing professional, these details ought to provide you a basic concept of what to expect. In addition, it can help you understand how much money you will need to set aside in order to have this kind of work performed.


When you get quotes from multiple companies, make sure that each of them contains the same line items of work so that you can compare apples to apples. Some companies might exclude certain items and add them in later on, putting you out of pocket additional funds.


By getting numerous bids on this project from respectable companies near McKinney, you could potentially save thousands of dollars.